IPAR Fraudulent Practices

Myths and Lies?
  • Fingerprints are sent to UK, Malaysia, and Singapore etc. for analysis and the report comes after 48 hours. Authentic from Asian Dermatoglyphics Research Centre (ADRC) and American Dermatoglyphics Association (ADA). Both ADRC and ADA are private organisations with names very similar to government agencies. So, one can easily get attracted to it, but actually they are selling the certificates so anyone can buy it from them. This does not in any way mean that they are authentic. Please find out that who has given them the right to certify and authorise?
  • Multiple Intelligence theory by Howard Gardner for dermatoglyphics. He surely created this theory but has never mentioned any relationship with dermatoglyphics or finger prints.
  • IPAR software @ Zero Cost. Nothing in this world is free. It’s a myth. Earning money is the most difficult thing in this world. Getting money from someone else’s pocket is the hardest thing. Don’t use shortcuts and short term things to earn. Follow honest and successful practices, you will earn money and respect in your life.
  • Be a trained IPAR Expert in three days. Ask yourself, can it be so simple to understand, conceptualize, memorise and implement dermatoglyphics, multiple intelligence theory, psychological behaviour and remedies, finger print patterns, relationship with brain lobes, their formation and significance etc. This is pure science, an elaborate methodology which the researchers are still trying to standardize and people are claiming that they can train in just 3 days. You got be an Einstein to become an expert in counseling someone about their life in JUST THREE DAYS. Yes, what is possible is that “One can get trained in reading out the report”
  • Some people/ companies are determining fire, earth, water, air elements, body and soul urge from finger-prints to counsel people and giving them the life purpose report. Free Suggestion from our side - Be an astrologer and do not call yourself a counsellor or psychologist. Most of these people are using numerology and astrology combinations behind the scenes to determine the behaviour and calling it as IPAR report. Half of them do not even know how to do the counseling and therapies. They only know how to impress people not counsel them. And I hope you can understand that why they are using numerology and astrology along with dermatoglyphics is simply because they are not educated/ aware/ capable enough to suggest remedies and have not understood the scope, depth and power of this wonderful assessment methodology.
  • Use of MI test by “Howard Gardner” as a free assessment test. It is already free and available on businessballs.com. Anyone can use it for personal evaluation but one cannot use it commercially. You need to take permission for using it commercially.
  • IPAR test report will remain same throughout the life that’s correct if you go back get your assessment done from one person only and who claims that the person cannot change. If this is possible then this world would not have made progress. Then we should stop believing in phrases, theories and methodologies like.
    • • "Impossible is nothing"
    • • "Where there is a will there is a way"
    • • "Learn, Unlearn and Re-learn"
    • • "Cognitive behaviour theory and many others"
  • A person’s report varies from company to company because it takes knowledge, experience and precision to identify the finger print pattern and to count the ridges.
Ask these questions to all companies?
  • What is the procedure you follow post testing and counseling session.
  • How to understand the current state of the person because you cannot rule out the effect of parenting, culture, socio-economic status, family environment, education on the brain development and personality of the person. Ideally finger-prints tell everything then why two twins display different characteristics. This study has also been published that “Twins were separated after the birth and were brought up under observation at different locations, societies, cultures with different parenting styles. Their innate abilities remained somewhat similar but they had completely different outlook, thought process and perceptions towards life”
  • How to implement it in institution after doing the counseling . What are the suggestion for teachers and the institution? How can they benefit from it at large?
  • What type of psychological disorders can be identified from fingerprints and what is the procedure to follow after identification.
  • What is the authentic literature and research papers they have on finger-prints, psychology and their relationship.
  • How many institutions and individuals have you cater.
  • How many successful entrepreneurs have you created
Why us?
  • We don´t train you to read the report, instead we educate you and give you the knowledge to impart to others and make a significant difference to their lives. We equip you to do “Pattern Level counseling ”
  • We use dermatoglyphics as an assessment tool to know the “TRAIT” aka “Inborn Potential” of a person and then take it forward with individual counseling sessions backed by psychometric evaluations, worksheets, remedial measures, intervention programs and therapies.
  • We have recently transformed the seating arrangement, teaching pattern, co-curricular activity selection criteria, academic evaluation criteria of few institutes in our area after doing the initial screening of all the students based on finger- print report.
  • We have the biggest team of certified psychologists and doctors working exclusively on research to standardize and publish the information.
  • We are here not just for money as we understand “counseling is a very serious business and we have huge responsibility”.
  • We have the biggest database of literature and published papers on dermatoglyphics and finger prints.
  • We are following the standard practices followed by scientists, psychologists and dermatoglyphic experts.
  • We are a CBSE EMPANELED Company.
  • We have psychologists who are certified by NCERT.
  • We have people working on research of Dermatoglyphics and Psychometrics who are associated with CBSE, American Psychological Association, National Psychological Council of India and Rehabilitation Council of india.
  • We are the only counseling company of India who has its own Rehabilitation and De-addiction centre.
  • We are the only Company in India which specialises in establishing counseling centres in institutions.
  • We believe and propagate, counseling is not a one-time thing, it is a continuous process. counseling is not for those who have some problem. counseling is “Talking cure” and anyone can benefit from it as “There is always a scope of improvement in one or the other area in everyone´s lives”.

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